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It’s that time again. You drop off your vehicle for its MOT in Peterborough and leave it in the safekeeping of the mechanics.

But what checks does your vehicle undergo during its MOT in Peterborough that ensure it is in a roadworthy condition?

The MOT test, which may be carried out in Peterborough or any other town or city in the UK, checks that your vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards.

You can book it up to 28 days in advance so there’s no excuse to let it expire.

These are some of the key elements checked during an MOT in Peterborough.

Firstly, the vehicle identification number should be present on a vehicle first used on or after August 1, 1980. During the MOT taking place at your Peterborough garage mechanics will check for this number which may be displayed in more than one place.

The registration plate will be looked at to ensure it’s in good condition and legible as well as displaying the correct format of letters and numbers.

During the MOT in Peterborough mechanics will also check the condition, colour and aim of lights, plus seats, the exhaust system and the general structure of the vehicle to make sure it’s free from excessive corrosion or damage in specific areas and has no sharp edges.

Other items checked during your MOT in Peterborough include a test for exhaust emissions. These vary according to the age and fuel type of the vehicle.

Then the MOT in Peterborough will also look at steering and suspension, the windscreen, wipers and washers, seatbelts, doors, mirrors, wheels and the condition, security and tread depth of tyres.

Although wheels are not removed during the MOT in Peterborough, an efficiency test is carried out on the brakes to ensure they are safe for the motorist.

Finally the MOT tester checks to make sure that the correct type of horn is in operation on the vehicle and looks at the fuel system to ensure there are no leaks and that the fuel cap fastens and seals correctly.

If all these checks are carried out during your vehicle’s MOT in Peterborough then you can collect your car and look forward to many miles of safe motoring.