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mazda-cx-7Having decided to own and drive a Mazda and as a responsible owner you’ll want to keep your vehicle maintained, safe and as trouble-free as possible. That is why you will want to have your Mazda maintained by a responsible, Mazda Peterborough approved garage. A recent government ruling allows you to now decide where you want to have your car serviced, without invalidating your manufacturer’s warranty, whether there is one month or one year left.

Your chosen garage should only fit approved Mazda replacement parts, not just any old replacement parts. Why? Are all air filters made equal? All brake pads identical? Every cog just another cog? Who can tell the difference anyway? A Mazda engineer knows the difference, and that makes a difference to the performance of your Mazda. Brakes: 80% is the number of non Mazda approved brake discs that don’t meet Mazda’s stringent standards. Every Mazda approved brake disk is engineered for each Mazda model. When Mazda make a brake disc, they monitor all the metals in each disk. When a non approved brake disc is made of slightly different materials, this can affect the ABS system and increase the stopping distance.

The whole of the Mazda range, from the Mazda 2, the Mazda 3, the Mazda 6, the MX-5 and up to the RX-8 are built to a build quality that is second to none. This is not to mean that there are no problems. Generally the major problems are simply rattles and squeaks from within the car. Mazda are very good at listening to customer feedback and trying very hard to rectify the problems. There was a problem with the rear brakes making a lot of brake dust, but now, Mazda has redesigned the pads and now supplies them made from a harder compound, reducing the amount of brake dust generated.

And the difference continues: a Mazda catalytic converter takes 100% of emissions, not allowing any to the inside of your car or to pollute the environment. Each Mazda exhaust is tested to a zero tolerance in a hermetically sealed chamber; this ensures that not even 1% will escape. Mazda test their oil filters above the rev limit for more than 100 continuous hours. This ensures they can withstand extreme temperatures and vibrations. They are made with 60% more filter inside than non Mazda approved filters, ensuring your engine is fully protected between services. Mazda also test their charcoal pollen filter to ensure that it lasts longer than the competitor filters.

Mazda demands that their stainless steel exhaust system will last for a minimum of eight years. They had to scour the world to find a manufacturer who would meet their standards, but on the search they found that most of the competitor exhausts would not last that long. This made Mazda start their own exhaust company; you don’t know the difference, but Mazda do. Timing Belts. Mazda ‘heat test’ the belt to 125 degrees for 70 hours. Then it is boiled in oil for another 70 hours and then it is driven the equivalent of twice around the world. Mazda do not want the belt to let you down.

mazda-logoRepeated and regular servicing of your beloved Mazda helps to avoid any unwanted problems and ensures that the resale value stays high when you come to part with it. When you are searching for the garage to maintain your Mazda, you no longer need to pay the high prices charged by your main dealer. A Mazda approved garage can provide the same level of service, repairs and high quality parts at a fraction of the cost. How can they do this, it is all down to overheads. A Mazda Peterborough main dealer can carry enormous overheads, in comparison the prices at a non Mazda approved garage can be up to 60% less than a main dealer.

During a service, just like a Mazda Peterborough main dealer, the chosen garage will reset the service reminder light, give your service book a new stamp, usually a FREE courtesy car and any Mazda warranty will remain intact. Your vehicle will remain problem free; you will save money and have the peace of mind to know that your vehicle is safe.