Servicing your car regularly is essential if you want it to be reliable and safe to drive.

Although modern cars don’t need servicing as often as older ones, it’s still very important. Failing to service your car on schedule will make it less reliable, less safe and can even lead to really expensive things going wrong – like engine failure due to running out of oil.

A service is made up of two different types of activity:

  • Routine maintenance – tasks that are known to be necessary, like changing the oil and replacing the air filter
  • Preventative checks and maintenance – finding out what else might be faulty or worn out. This includes looking for leaks and checking over your car’s brakes, exhaust system and other key areas to make sure they are in good order.

When we service your car, if we find anything that needs extra work, for example, if your brake pads are worn out, we will contact you to check that it is ok to replace them. You will always be quoted a price before we carry out any work on your car.

All cars need servicing and the manufacturer sets recommended service intervals.

This can be, for example, every 12,000 miles or 1 year, or similar. Different cars have different requirements and there is a difference between the servicing needed on petrol and diesel engines.

You will find details of the recommended service intervals in your car’s service manual. However, we recommend that you should get your car serviced once a year, even if you haven’t done the recommended mileage. A year is a long time to go without any safety checks or even a change of oil.

The last few winters have been long and hard and this bad weather, salt, bad road surfaces all can cause problems for cars over time.

You no longer need to have your car serviced at a main dealer to maintain your warranty. In 2005 the EU changed the law, just follow the manufacturer’s servicing schedule and have the service record stamped as normal.

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