As you would imagine, since Crightons was established in 1971 there’s a lot that could be told but it’s about what is happening today at Crightons that is causing the most excitement.

p1030037Crightons is still a truly independent family owned business (now with its third generation as part of the team), Owner, Iain Crighton, is still actively involved in day to day operation of the business and there is nobody who has more passion and commitment to getting things right than the owner of the business … and that’s a life long commitment.

When choosing new members of the team not only do they have to have the highest professional standards and capabilities but they have to be able to fit in with the team in this family owned business, there’s a culture of ‘can do’ and ‘customer delight’ that they not only have to fit in with but embrace fully.

Crashing off cliffs … A little history of Crightons of Peterborough

  • Founded by George and Pat Crighton, Crightons of Peterborough was initially formed to provide tax-free vehicles to British forces service personnel in the all over the world. George had just finished a career in the RAF when he imported the first ever Mitsubishi into Great Britain.
  • There is a family history of rally driving in the Crightons family with George being a tough driver known for pushing his cars to the limit … including at one point spectacularly writing off his rally cart by crashing off a cliff in Cyprus. However, such was his understanding of the strength of the car that his only thoughts of safety were what if another car does the same thing and … the fact that he couldn’t swim!
  • In the event, swimming wasn’t necessary as the Mitsubishi ended up on the rocks below and not in the sea … but George Crighton walked away from the crash unscathed … and considering swimming lessons.
  • Iain Crighton was firmly on his fathers heels with his own mode of testing … he drove the first ever Mitsubishi in the UK in the local rally championships, and came first … he then promptly wrote it off … and that was the end of the first Mitsubishi imported into the UK!
  • Well, it was the end of it in that guise. When Iain ‘remodelled’ it, the engine was removed and stripped down and, even though it had completed over 100,000 hard miles there were no signs of wear so it was rebuilt and used in the next Crightons rally car!